2018: A Year in Review

New York, NY, USA
Lotte New York Palace, December 2018
It's crazy how time flies. Sometimes the beginning of 2018 feels like yesterday and sometimes it feels like ages ago. This was my last full year of being an undergraduate college student, and it's really unbelievable that I won't have quite the same influences on my life a year from now. But truly, 2018 has been a deeply personal year for me from start to finish-- I have learned a lot, and wanted to share my thoughts in words as a way to reflect on how I have changed.

Preparing for the Holiday Season with Basic Invite

One of my favorite traditions around the holiday season is the act of giving and receiving holiday cards. Growing up, my mom used to hang each one we received on the wall, to be viewed well past Christmas. Since the holiday season is now approaching, if you're trying to get a head start on sending out Christmas or Holiday cards and invites, Basic Invite is the perfect place to look!

A Trip to the Windy City

Chicago, IL, USA

I've wanted to visit Chicago for the longest time. I remember almost planning on going with my college roommate for Spring break in Freshman year before we realized we were both too broke. But  I was finally able to visit with my mom and my brother for five days in August, just about a month ago.

We stayed in the North End and mostly traveled close to the Loop on our visit, playing tourist. I had so many destinations bookmarked on my phone, and made sure to hit as many as possible, though wish I could've eaten more meals in a day since the amazing food options were just uncountable. Nevertheless, here is a list of many of the places I visited on my trip to the Windy City.

Beach Day

New York, NY, USA

Around once a year, I get around to taking the long train ride to Coney Island. I find it quite amazing how you can be in the concrete jungle one moment, and by the ocean the next. My friends like to call Coney Island the "gross beach" and say we should go out further in Long Island, but when there's a beach a $2.75 train ride and a 45 minute nap away, I'll take what I can get. Plus, I think Coney Island has its charms.