NYBG x Chihuly

It's always such a nice break to visit one of the gardens in New York on a nice day. After visiting Chihuly Garden and Glass in Seattle last summer, my family and I just had to go and see the exhibit at the New York Botanical Garden. Luckily, we all had a free day on July 4th, so we decided to make a day trip. It did not disappoint. 

Chihuly's pieces are unique-- I can tell that they are his creations as soon as I see them. They have distinct shapes that I can easily recognize, and I find that the pieces are extremely versatile, for they can be displayed both on their own, as well as in nature. At NYBG, the Chihuly artworks were scattered about the entire garden, and placed in the most beautiful arrangements of leafy plants, fountains, and flowers. You can see a few of them above, though I wish I had taken more photos. 

If you're interested in visiting, the exhibit will be at NYBG until October 29, 2017.


Dress: H&M (thrifted)

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