Summer Sun

New York, NY, USA

Life doesn’t grant resets, but it does give us Summer. Summer provides a time to step back, to re-evaluate, to recover, and to move forward, all in just 4 months. After a stressful academic year, I was much in need of both mental and physical rejuvenation, and this break has been exactly what I needed.

If you asked me six months ago, I probably would’ve said Summer was my least favorite season. Growing up, it was always full of sweaty day camps, which later turned into working part time jobs and studying for standardized tests. Even after beginning college, I commuted to my 9-5 job in New York City from my home in New Jersey, leaving me with no free time at all. This is the first Summer I've spent living in the city, however, and… it’s amazing.

No longer do I have an hour-and-a-half bus and train ride to work, but rather a walkable commute. Because my schedule is solely based around my part time jobs, when I’m off-duty, the way I spend my time is entirely in my hands (rather than restricted due to studies or school organization events/duties). I’ve been able to focus on my personal goals, like improving my video editing, reading books again, and running more races. I’ve been spending time with friends I don’t see as much during the school year and weeding out those who are toxic in my life. I’ve even been shooting more content for this blog.

I’m surprised at how fast the Summer seems to be flying by, and I’m even more surprised at how badly I don’t want it to end. I feel like I’m getting a taste of what it feels like to be a working adult, and it makes me hopeful that I will be better prepared for life after graduating college. There’s still just over a month left before another round of classes begins, and while I am a bit excited to start exercising my brain with medical information again, I’m going to savor the break a little bit longer.


Dress: Francesca's / Shoes: GapHat: H&M (Similar) / Bag: Topshop (Old)

Photos by Toyosi Oyelola.

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