Beach Day

New York, NY, USA

Around once a year, I get around to taking the long train ride to Coney Island. I find it quite amazing how you can be in the concrete jungle one moment, and by the ocean the next. My friends like to call Coney Island the "gross beach" and say we should go out further in Long Island, but when there's a beach a $2.75 train ride and a 45 minute nap away, I'll take what I can get. Plus, I think Coney Island has its charms.

Toyosi and I hit the sand on a Sunday afternoon. The area was pretty crowded since it was the weekend, but we found a good spot to lay down and sunbathe for a couple hours. Clouds rolled through often, covering us in shade, which luckily cooled us down from time to time. It was actually too cold to swim, but I did prepare to in my new suit from Summersalt. You can catch me in a bathing suit maybe once every other year, so this beach trip felt like a special occasion. Too bad we didn't end up in the water at all.

Some things to remember the next time I go to the beach: a speaker, an umbrella, and Trader Joe's snacks (yes, specifically Trader Joe's). It was late afternoon, and we got hungry. Since we wanted to both grab dinner at home, we decided on getting a funnel cake. So. Good. Fried dough is always a good idea. And powdered sugar, even if it gets all over your clothes when the ocean breeze comes through.

Aand that was my day at Coney Island. It was quite short, and it definitely makes me want to go back. I don't think my skin tanned at all, even after laying in the sun for hours. If I get lucky, hopefully I can find another day to allot to some R&R on the beach before the Summer ends.

xx. Maddie

Swimsuit: Summersalt / Shorts: Primark

Photos by Toyosi Oyelola.

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  1. Hi!! I love your blog posts, and I always enjoyed (still do!) the charms of Coney Island.