Mr. Coffee Occasions All-In-One Coffeemaker

Fall is officially here, and I'm super excited about it because it marks the beginning of cooler days, cozier times, and of course, warm beverages. Coffee is always my go-to drink in the morning, and I've been brewing it at home lately on my Mr. Coffee Occasions All-In-One Coffeemaker. It's been helping me satisfy all of my caffeine needs and also helps me save time and money by reducing the amount I go out to buy coffee.

Mr. Coffee's Occasions All-In-One Coffeemaker is a super compact unit that serves multiple functionalities. The coffeemaker's unique design features a pump-based system necessary for brewing authentic espresso as well as a temperature control system that automatically adjusts to the optimal temperature for each type of brew. The coffeemaker's smart water system automatically dispenses the correct amount of water for each brewing method and size selected.

If I ever want to make coffee in the morning for both myself and my roommates, I love to utilize my coffeemaker's ability to brew a full pot of coffee. The coffee pot is also very helpful for use when I have guests over. My roommates and I used it during our housewarming party and it was a huge hit.

Whenever I need to make coffee for just myself, I use the coffeemaker's single-serve functionality. The single-serve functionality is perfect for early mornings before work so I can quickly grab some coffee to go. It is compatible with pods, meaning you can brew a variety of easy drink options without having to worry about buying your own coffee beans.

The Mr. Coffee Occasions All-In-One Coffeemaker also serves as an espresso maker. I love to use this function when I'm at home and want to live out my dream of being a professional barista. The machine comes with a milk frothing wand as well, so you could steam a variety of milks (dairy, almond, coconut, & more) to create delicious cappuccinos, lattes, macchiatos, and more. It really gives you the full coffeeshop experience.

Overall, Mr. Coffee's Occasions All-In-One Coffeemaker is my go-to coffee machine that I use almost every morning. I've been able to use it for both myself and others, and have made so many amazing drinks with it besides simple coffee (such as the Mocha Hot Chocolate above)! You can buy the coffeemaker at Target here:


This post was made in partnership with Mr. Coffee.


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